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Neurodevelopmental & Wellbeing Coach

Remedial Therapies ~ Yoga ~ Primitive Reflex Integration




Yoga is more than just a physical exercise regime to get fit and lose weight.

It is a way of living in the moment in peace, with love and respect for yourself, and the world around you.

It is a way of none harming, of honesty, gratitude and forgiving.

It is a way of understanding, accepting and honouring your body and soul.

It is beautiful, joyful and strong.

My yoga classes are a wonderful mix of different gentle and therapeutic Yoga styles, Mindfulness and a bunch of other tools I've come across and found deeply healing and great for your well-being.

My classes offer a safe space to get back in touch with yourself and your body regardless your abilities.
You decide how strong or gentle your practice is going to be, there are always modifications for all levels.... Beginners are especially welcome! Women only classes.

You deserve to be happy with yourself, to love who you are!

Online offers

Sweet Dreams Yoga Nidra - Sundays, 20.00-20.45 

Round up your week with 45min of blissful Yoga Nidra. Lie down in your own bed or sofa, get comfy and let yourself be guided into deep relaxation.

Rise & Shine Yoga - Mondays, 9-10.15

Wake up yoga for all levels. Starting the day and the week from a peaceful place within.