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Primitive Reflex Integration

Rhythmic Movement Training is a movement based programm that supports the integration of primitive reflexes. We are all born with them and as babies they have helped with and enabled us to reach our major milestones like rooting and sucking, rolling over, coming to sitting, crawling and eventually being upright and walking as well as bonding and talking. They are the building blocks for a joyfull and fullfilled life...

There is a multitude of different reflexes that are with us for a certain time and once we've learned what they were meant to teach us they integrate, they go to sleep in our hindbrain, also known as reptilian brain.

But what if one or more of these reflexes don't integrate fully or if they are woken up again through trauma, illness or extreme stress?

Unintegrated reflexes are like hurdles. They affect how we learn, how we develop physically and how we feel. They affect our sensory processing and how we experience the world around us.

This is where RMTi comes in. Rhythmic Movement Training helps to integrate these primitive reflexes by first identifying which reflexes are un-integrated followed by a gentle movment programm that helps to build stronger connections in the brain and our neural pathways. This leads to better co-ordination, concentration, sensory processing and emotional stability so that everyday tasks become easier and more enjoyable.

So, who is this for? Anybody and everybody. Age does not matter when it comes to reflex integration. There is no too early or too late thanks to the incredible plasticity of our brains.

Do you or your child experience difficulties with...

...delayed development in babies, Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Chronic Illness/Pain, Trauma...?

Get in touch to find out more how RMTi can help you and/or your family through reflex integration.

It has changed my and my son's life and it can change yours...