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Reflexology is a form of acuppressure massage on the feet or hands based on the principle that the whole body is mirrored in the feet and hands. In order to release blockages and to rebalance the whole body pressure is applied to reflex points that are related to the various organs in the body as well as to individual conditions.

Reflexology treatments are balancing for the whole body, mind and soul, which makes it such a successful and safe treatment for a vast variety of ailments and conditions.

Over the years I've found that reflexology is most beneficial in combination with essential oils which I add to my reflexology lotion specifically for your needs. Have a look at my aromatherapy section for more information on how essential oils can benefit you.

I also offer home blends of essential oils in cream and aloea vera to heal cracked heels and pamper your feet.


Shamanic Reflexology

Shamanic Reflexology combines Reflexology with the ancient wisdom of healing from around the world like Reiki/Karuna Reiki and ancient shamanic techniques. During this deeply healing treatment I am not only working on your reflexology points in the feet but at the same time I work with a variety of energy healing techniques and deeply connect to unravel blockages that hinder your healing journey. This work is highly intuitively and each treatment will be completely unique. I will use reiki, distance and time healing, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, psychic surgery and whatever else I might be guided to do.


Reflexolology Courses - Baby Reflexology

I regularly offer introductory courses for adults, babies and children. These 2-3 hour workshops teach you how reflexology works, where the different reflex points are on the feet and how to offer a treatment to yourself, friends and family. 

I also offer specific courses for Baby Reflexology. Baby and children's reflexology is a great and wonderful way to bond with your little ones while at the same time supporting them with colds, teething and other childhood ailments.

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