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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is obviously a very special time for a woman.  But it can also bring emotional and physical discomfort, from bodily aches and pains to understandable worries about the birth itself, your changing body, your child's health and the future responsibility of being a parent.

Pregnancy massage helps alleviate the physical and emotional strains encountered during pregnancy.

As well as simply being a relaxing and calming experience, it also increases oxygen and nutrient levels in the body, which is beneficial for your growing baby as well as for you, stimulates the body's digestive system and relieves muscular tension.  Furthermore it also prepares the body for giving birth.

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful relaxing treat and break from every day stresses at this demanding time.


And to increase the effects take a blend of essential oils in a body lotion or oil home with you to pamper yourself whenever you need it.



Pregnancy Reflexology

Another very relaxing and relieving treatment during pregnancy is reflexology. Reflexology is a form of acupressure massage based on the principle that the whole body is mirrored in the feet and hands. During a Pregnancy Reflexology treatment I will work on specifc areas that we've discussed beforehand as well as generally balancing and stabilising your pregnancy hormones.

Pregnancy Reflexology is a very safe treatment during pregnancy and is applied with gentle strokes and pressure. 

Preparation for Birth

Once you are over 38 weeks pregnant I offer a combination of reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki to prepare you and your body for the amazing event of labour.

We can also discuss some breathing techniques, relaxing imaginations and yoga asanas to help you connect with your little one and open your mind and body for his or her arrival.

And After the Birth?

A postnatal massage is a well-deserved treat and brings wonderful relief to your tired and achy body.

I can also provide aromatherapy blends for the first few days after the birth for you.

And if you feel up to it, book in for a session together with your little one and we will find a way for both of you to enjoy a relaxing treatment.


Or book in for a baby massage just the two of you or with some friends and I can teach you how to apply a gentle massage or reflexology for your baby.

And aromatherapy blends are also a wonderful way for your baby's wellbeing like nappy rash, eczema and all sorts of infections when applied in a gentle massage.


Book 6 treatments upfront for your whole pregnancy and birth journey including 4 one hour body massage treatments to be booked during pregnancy or postnatally and 2 reflexology treatments to prepare the body for your birth.

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