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Baby Massage & Reflexology

I offer a range of short courses for baby and kids reflexology and massage as well as 1-2-1 sessions to either learn how to give a safe treatment or for your little one to be treated by Hannah.

Baby & Kids Massage

Massaging your baby from very early on can be a great tool for bonding, relaxation and fun. Massage is known to improve circulation, sleep and general development of your baby. It also reduces stress and improves the immune system. My classes are also integrating lots of acuppresure points to help with colds, tummy problems, sleeping problems and lots more.

We can arrange a course with some friends or you could come with your baby or older child and I teach you 1-2-1.

Baby & Kids Reflexology Course


Make it a time of comfort and well-being

Come along on this fantastic one and a half hour course. It's hands on your baby's or growing children's feet and teaches you how to apply reflexology for all sorts of little ailments like colds and coughs, teething and digestive problems in the early years.

Or come along with your older children and explore your kids feet and learn how reflexology can not only be a fantastic fun qualitiy time together but also be helpful with all sorts of ailments from common colds, tummy bugs to stress related problems like headaches, anxiety and sleep problems as well as hormonal imbalances.

It's an amazing tool to have for your growing children and the whole family. It's not just helping with common illnesses but also creates a lovely time for bonding.

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