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Aromatherapy Body Massage

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using essential oils to help restore and boost your overall wellbeing. Plants and nowadays essential oils have always been used not just for their effects on the whole body but also for their uplifting and relaxing qualities for the mind and soul.


An aromatherapy massage is so much more than an indulgend treatment. It will also bring relief from physical and emotional ailments and increases your general wellbeing. I link gentle strokes with deeper work on injured and tense areas, combining acupressure techniques with deep tissue massage as well as using essential oil blends to support any healing and to bring relief from pain and discomfort. Each treatment will be discussed with you on the day to address the areas that need work on. This will also take into consideration how you are feeling emotionaly. Our emotions are stored in our muscles and fascia and are an important part of any healing journey, be it releasing tension or working on deeper long term issues from injuries or stress.


Aromatherapy Solutions

In my experience aromatherapy starts when using these powerful and safe oils on a regular basis. Blended specifically for your needs and ailments. So to increase the effects of the massage take a blend of essential oils in a body lotion, oil or blended in distilled water home. Depending on your requirements you can use the lotions as a general body lotion for a good start to the day, to help with more chronic conditions or have a little taster pot with you to use whenever you suffer with headaches, stomach problems, colds, asthma, hay fever, muscular pain or stress, depression and anxiety to name just a few.


Essential oils can bring great relieve of some of these conditions when inhaled deeply through your nose as they will affect the limbic system straight away. The limbic system is our control centre of our emotions and instincts. Therefore inhaling essential oils in a safe blend can be deeply relaxing, de-stressing and calming. The oils will also enter the circulatory system and be circulated around your whole body to work their magic wherever it’s needed.


I also offer hydrolate blends to support your bodies healing journey. Hydrolates are plant waters that are formed during the process of distillation of the essential oils. They have similar healing properties but are not as strong and therefore very safe to use even on children and the elderly.


All of the blends that I use are 100% pure essential oils and hydrolates.

They are always blended specifically for you or your baby/child after a careful consultation.


Aromatherapy solutions make a great gift for friends & family...


Aromatherapy Workshops - An evening full of pleasant aromas, fun and information

I will offer ideas and tips about aromatherapy for you and your family.

Freshly prepared blends will be on special offer.

Plus a little free gift to pamper yourself.

For information about upcoming events please have a look at my Facebook Page.