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Reiki, Karuna Reiki & Spiritual Healing

Reiki ("Rei" meaning spiritual or sacred and "ki" meaning energy) is a Japanese hands-on therapy that uses natural life energy to rebalance and revitalise your body and soul. It can be deeply relaxing, stress reducing and healing for emotional, mental as well as physical conditions.

Karuna Reiki is a healing system developed by William Lee Rand. It is evolved from Usui Reiki and Tibetan Reiki and brings even deeper connection and healing. 

"Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassionate action and this is not an ordinary kind of compassion, but one that comes from an unbounded sea of love." (William L. Rand). 

In my reiki & spiritual healing I combine the art of reiki and Karuna Reiki with a variety of other healing techniques  like extracting dark energies and cutting of cords, working with spirit, animal and plant guides, aura massage and chakra balancing.

During a treatment I will be guided to whatever is needed at the moment of this particular treatment for your healing and greatest good.


Due to my background as aromatherapist I enhance my treatments with the subtle but powerful energies of essential oils and their healing properties to the physical, emotinal, mental and spiritual body.


My treatments are not attached to any belief system and work very well on its own or complementary to any other form of medical or therapeutic treatments.