Yoga Babies and Massage



Come and join me for an hour full of fun movement and songs 


Forgotten to look after yourself since the joy of welcoming your baby into our world?


In need of some time to revitalise, strengthen and tone your muscles or just to feel good about yourself while your baby has fun as well?


Try my delightful HAPPY OM baby yoga & massage classes for you and your baby. The classes are a well-balanced mixture of postnatal yoga and relaxation for you as well as fun baby yoga, massage and reflexologyfor your little one.


Postnatal yoga uses postures and breath awareness to ease achy and tense muscles, regain physical strength and over all to relax and renew your energies.  Your baby will be integrated into the postnatal yoga but there will also be baby yoga exercises with fun moves and songs that encourage your baby’s natural flexibility and development. You will learn how to be comfortable when feeding, how to come up to standing while holding your little one and how to carry your baby confidently using one arm, which brings a whole new freedom to do things whilst holding your baby comfortably.

There will also be sessions where we learn some beautiful baby massage sequences using with organic almond or sunflower oil as well as some reflexology to ease all those little ailments.

 Massaging your baby from very early on can be a great tool for bonding, relaxation and fun. Massage is known to improve circulation, sleep and general development of your baby. It also reduces stress and improves the immune system. My classes are also integrating lots of acuppresure points to help with colds, tummy problems, sleeping problems and lots more.


It’ll be a time for getting to know each other and bonding in a warm, friendly and nurturing atmosphere. The sessions usually end with a some relaxation fo mums.

It's a great opportunity to meet other new mums, classes are small, ensuring plenty of individual attention.


You are always welcome regardless your flexibility and there will be lots of space for babies feeding, changing, napping and mummy talk or resting and nurturing too. 

Classes are 

Early postnatal from 2-12 weeks


from 12 weeks to crawling

Please get in touch for spaces and times 

or have a look on my Facebook page

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket or towel for your baby to lie on. Your baby should wear light clothes and if possible have bare feet. I provide yoga mats and plenty of cushions and other materials for you and your baby to get comfortable.


No previous experience needed!

Just an open mind and a smile!





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